SMWA Membership

TO JOIN THE SMWA - Please click here for the membership form. Print a copy and fill out the form. Mail in the form together with dues to:

P.O. Box 4523
Sevierville TN 37864

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Benefits of Membership:

  1. One free listing on the SMWA Website, 2nd listing available for $50
  2. Able to participate in co-op advertising opportunities
  3. Receive leads generated by SMWA advertising
  4. Invited to attend SMWA bi-monthly meeting Members: $15/person for an RSVP and $20 at the door Future Members: $20/person
  5. Booth eligibility at Annual SCHA Trade Show at discounted rate
  6. Receive emails with information important for wedding professionals
  7. Able to vote for board members and on specific issues
  8. Networking opportunities with other members of wedding community
  9. Able to Serve on committees and other Association activities
  10. Benefit from lobbying on behalf of wedding community as a whole
  11. New Members welcomed on Facebook and at Meetings
  12. Access to Members Section for Business Specials
  13. SMWA displays member information at SMWA booth at trade shows
  14. Access to members section for business specials
  15. An opportunity to further promote your business through coupons and giveaways


Categories 1-3: Wedding Members: $150 Dues, Full Voting Rights, one web listing in a category of their choosing. Additional categories available for $50 each

Category 4: Ally (Vacation) Members: $150 Dues, Full Voting Rights, one web listing in a category of their choosing. Additional categories available for $50 each

Category 5: Wedding Friends (Outside of Sevier County): $150 Dues, No vote or representation on board, one web listing in a category of their choosing. Additional categories available for $50 each

Categories of Membership

Membership Categories. The Association shall have five categories of membership. All members must possess a current business license, be approved by the Board of Directors, and pay the membership dues of the Association. Categories 1, 2, 3, and 4 must all possess a current Sevier County business license. Ordained Ministers shall be exempt from possession of a current business license.

CATEGORY 1: WEDDING PROVIDER - owns or operates a wedding chapel, provides wedding services that include the services of a minister, or is a licensed minister active in the wedding industry. Weddings are their primary business and their services are for the general public.

CATEGORY 2: WEDDING ASSOCIATE - conducts those services that directly contribute to the successful performance of a wedding, such as, but not limited to, photographer, videographer, florist, baker, caterer, beauty salon, formal wear, planner, or venue provider.

CATEGORY 3: WEDDING PARTNER - owns or operates a wedding chapel or provides packages with ministerial services as an amenity for their own guests only, OR their wedding business is a secondary activity to their primary business.

CATEGORY 4: WEDDING ALLY - owns or operates a business or service that enhances a couple's destination wedding in the Smokies, such as, but not limited to, lodging, restaurant, attraction, theater, or retail. This category also includes member-to-member services.

CATEGORY 5: WEDDING FRIEND - owns or operates a wedding-related business that is based outside of Sevier County and also does business within Sevier County. This category also includes wedding businesses throught the foothills of the Smokies, including Bounty County, Cocke County, and Jefferson County. Friends who are supportive of the wedding industry, e.g. educator, student, or government official, but not a wedding business themselves are also included as a Category 5 Member.

Voting Rights. Members of Category 1, 2, 3, and 4 shall have full voting rights. Category 5 Members shall have no voting rights.

Dues. $150.00 - Dues shall be paid annually based on Category of Membership.

Smoky Mountain Wedding Association Membership Renewal Policy

  1. The annual membership dues are for the fiscal year, January - December.
  2. SMWA does not pro-rate its membership dues for a partial year’s membership.
  3. However, if a business joins in July or later, then their membership is good for the rest of that year and for all of the following year.
  4. Membership renewal notices will go out in November.
  5. Membership renewal fees are due by December 31.
  6. If membership renewals are paid late, the following will apply: - if not paid by January meeting, that business cannot vote in January board election. - if not paid by the end of January, that business will no longer receive leads. - if not paid by the end of February, that business will be removed from website.
  7. Members are welcome to renew at any time during the year. However, they will not qualify for the July option (see Item #2 above) unless they have not been a member for at least one calendar year.

NOTE: All membership applications are reviewed and approved by the SMWA board. Renewals are automatic except at the discretion of the SMWA board.