Weekend Getaway Contest

Here is the winner of our Love Story Contest:

Congratulations Brandy!

Here is Brandy's winning story:
My husband and I were married on a quick weekend getaway 4 yrs ago. Married
on Saturday, returned home on Sunday and back to work on Monday. 2 weeks to
the day of our wedding, I fall breaking both feet. My husband spent the next
4 months he took care of me until I was back walking. November (same year)
he becomes injured on the job. The injury is inoperable and he is currently
waiting disability. We have never had a chance to have a honeymoon, needless
to say an anniversary. God put us to the test  from the start. We have been
wanting to renewal our vows and have a "restart". Due to me being the only
working person, winning this trip would give us a break from all the stress
we are under. Please help me bring a smile to my husband's face. I haven't
seen him smile since our wedding day.

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